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Dive into an adventure with WorkNomads!

Calling all students who are more than just book-smart – we want action-takers ready to shake things up. IT whizzes, finance buffs, marketing gurus, engineering wizards, legal eagles, language lovers, psychology enthusiasts, HR heroes, and more – if you're itching for real-world challenges and eager to make waves, you're who we're after.

You're the kind of person who starts things, thinks globally, solves problems, and takes on challenges head-on. You're all about making a difference. Ready to turn your dreams into reality? Step up to our part-time paid internship that's more than just work but a life-changing experience. – it's your ticket to a world of new possibilities.

Who's WorkNomads?

We're a global tribe of digital nomads, offering flexible, project-based work from our coworking & coliving LAB hotel. Our mission? To redefine work and empower everyone to live on their own terms.

Our team spans the globe, championing choice and the power of working from anywhere.

Welcome to Our Coliving LAB Hotel – Bulgaria's Biggest!

In Sofia, we've cooked up a space that's buzzing with creative energy. Leading the digital charge, we're on the lookout for interns to join our family. From the front desk to the restaurant, the kitchen to the coworking space – you'll get a taste of it all.

Looking for Multitalented Mavericks!

What's the Deal?

 > Paid part-time rotation Internship: We value what you bring to the table.

> Career Growth: Stand out and climb the ladder.

> Global Experience: Team up with nomads from all corners of the earth.

> Flexible Timing: Juggle your studies and work with ease.

> Dynamic Paths: Aim high in business development, marketing, sales, engineering, ICT, finance, and beyond.

> Meaningful Work: This internship is for those ready to act now for a brighter future.

Intrigued? Jump in.

We celebrate uniqueness and diversity. Breaking down old barriers, we're building a new work world where passion and freedom reign supreme.

Join the movement with WorkNomads.

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